How do you pronounce Tod.d?

Tod.d is pronounced Todd (with no period between the d’s). Our company and logo is modeled after our founder, Todd, and on our core values: Teamwork, Optimization, Discovery, and Development.

Do my hours roll over?

Unfortunately hours do not roll over. If you feel that you are consistently using less hours or going over your limit each month, reach out to our support team to re-evaluate your plan and potentially downsize or upgrade to a more suitable plan.


Can I purchase services à la carte?

Yes! Services, such as medical record retrieval and website creation can be purchased à la carte. Firms subscribed to one of our monthly plans get these à la carte services at a discount.

How are you different from other virtual assistants?

Where most virtual assistance only focus on completing your tasks, Tod.d focuses on you and your business.

  • We help look for ways to improve your business operations

  • We help look for ways to save you money

  • We learn from our interactions with you in order to give you the most personalized experience possible

When will I be billed?

You will be billed on the monthly anniversary of the date you signed up. For example, if you signed up on a Wednesday the 26th, then your credit card on file will be charge every 26th of the month. You can always change the date you are billed by reaching out to our support team.

How does it work?

Once you sign up for our Pay-per-Project Plan or one of our monthly subscription plans, a representative will reach out to you to schedule time to meet via Skype or phone (your choice). During this meeting we’ll get to know more about you, your business, and specifically how we can help.

You’ll receive our welcome packet with the contact information including your assigned Virtual Chief of Staff (VCOS) as well as all the details of your plan - how hours work, billing, etc.

Lastly, begin making working with your VCOS and communicating task requests via text message, email, or phone.

Do you provide non-business related virtual assistants?

Tod.d’s expertise is optimizing and managing business operations for new and existing legal practices. The good news is that our sister site, Taylor.d is launching soon! Taylor.d provides administrative virtual assistance for life’s biggest moments - including: weddings, birthday parties, galas, and other special events. Taylor.d also provides virtual assistance for social media influencers, wealthy families, and busy professionals.