How I Manage Social Media Accounts on the Go

Staying active on social media is essential for any business. Social media accounts allow businesses to keep up-to-date with trends, stay relevant by producing great content, and engage with potential clients.  

Each platform reaches a different target audience and therefore has different guidelines regarding when to post and what to post (stay tuned for a post on that subject).  

Between running my business, managing my clients, and trying to have somewhat of a social life, posting on social media several times per day, every day was somewhat challenging.  

I heard about a super useful tool from a fellow entrepreneur and ever since I started using it, my life has been so much easier! 


Later schedule viewer

Later schedule viewer

Later is an official Instagram partner that allows for a truly automated single-photo post to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. The platform helps you visualize your posts in an easy to read schedule.  

Upload content to Later, choose the platform you want to upload to (you can also post the same picture to all three accounts simultaneously), choose the time, add your caption, and save. You can also tag people, locations, and hashtags. 

Scheduling posts for Tod.d’s Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter pages on Later allows me to visualize my posting strategy and provide the most relevant content for my target markets. I post once daily on Instagram to reach social media infuencers, young entrepreneurs and startups. I post 1-2 times per day on Facebook to reach established businesses.  

Pricing is tiered and affordable – whether you’re an individual or business. They do offer a free “version,” which is more of a free trial. The free version allows you to post 30 Instagram posts, 30 Facebook posts, 50 Twitter posts, and 30 Pinterest posts. If you’re looking to sign up, use our CODE for a an additional 10 free posts!

Are you already using Later? Have another tool you use to manage your social media? Comment below!