About Us

Unparalleled Business Operations Support

Tod.d (pronounced Todd) is a virtual business operations management and administrative support service designed to give law firms peace of mind.

As your Virtual Chief of Staff, Tod.d acts as a buffer between you and the daily grind of your business operations. This can include any from managing your calendar and keeping your office kitchen stocked with yummy and nutritious snacks, to managing your staff - including recruiting and on-boarding select staff members.

Unlike other Virtual Assistants who focus on completing tasks, Tod.d is process-oriented. This means that in addition to completing tasks that help you run your business, we also look for ways to improve your business operations, which helps saves you time and money long-term.

By managing the daily grind of your business operations, we empower you as business owners to focus on what really matters: your mission and your clients.

Founder, Todd Hinson


I founded this company after watching someone close to me start a solo law practice, excel at their mission of helping clients, but struggle with their business operations.

I realized that there were many more people out there, like her, whose dream of running a successful firm was hampered because they do not have access to resources typically available to larger firms.

As your Virtual Chief of Staff, Tod.d helps solo, boutique, and small law firms with budgeting, accounting, payroll, calendar management, and office management. We run your business so that you can focus on what matters: your mission and your clients.

Before starting Tod.d, my professional experience included non-profit and for-profit financial planning & analysis. I’ve created and managed budgets in excess of $100 million and have identified over $9 million dollars in savings over the course of my career.

When I’m not assisting you with getting the most out of your business, I can be found eating my way across the world and doing CrossFit.